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At Altimat (K) Consultants Ltd, we work closely with our customers to increase their readiness level to implement Enterprise Project Management and Human Resources Management systems. This includes training, methodology development, tools implementation, assessment, and other services. Our differentiation from others is in its focused business model and its specialized Management Consultancy service portfolio that makes us a unique, credible and unbiased service provider.

Our achievements in many organizations are a result of our continuous endeavors to combine talent, quality, and values together. Human Resource Planning involves various tasks that identify and document the different HR processes that will govern all the HR activities within the organization by establishing a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that will help the organization to streamline the HR activities.

We work closely with the organization to implement the HRMS and follow up on the implementation to ensure a successful roll out by identifying the right number and type of employees necessary to implement a chosen business plan or the organization’s strategic objectives. This will in turn identify and initiate programs needed to develop organizational capabilities upon which future strategies can be built, while forecasting demand for labor, performing supply analysis, and balancing supply and demand consideration.

When it comes to Recruitment and Selection, we will conduct the recruiting and selection process. This can be as an integrated joint service or a completely outsourced one. This service involves the following tasks:
1. Identify the staffing management system for the organization. The staffing management system will perform the following functionalities:
a) Tracking application information
b) Scanning resumes
c) Making the information immediately accessible to line managers to search online for internal and external talents.
2. Provide as much reliable and valid information as possible about applicants so that their qualifications can be carefully matched with job specifications.
3. Perform the screening process to short list candidates.
4.Go through the interviewing process and provide the Customer with the recommended candidate or set of candidates.