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Our financial accounting and auditing services include statutory financial accounting, preparation of corporate profit tax, value added tax and other tax returns, preparation of Bank reports (if required) and preparation of annual accounts reports thereto.

Outsourcing the financial accounting function can be done in whole or in part, and is carried out with exactly the right combination of human resources, specialist processes and technological advancements to serve you most effectively. For groups of companies we offer integrated support, including preparation of consolidated accounts.

We can liaise with your external auditor to enable the timely preparation of financial statements and the accounted reports thereto, interface with the tax authorities in respect of day-to-day issues or formal tax inspections, and we guide you through all types of formalities, with respect to tax prepayments, tax withholdings and value added tax.

We conduct an audit that covers all aspects of the business and is not focused solely on the finance function evaluating specific controls over critical information systems as we create synergies with your own control systems. Our practical approach to accessing risk means that we focus our audit and tax efforts on issues that of concern to you, and on developments in your business that could have an impact on the financial statements.

To succeed with tax and auditing issues, you need a partner with professional advisors who are able to support you effectively now and in the future, engaging you pro-actively on the issues you face on your day to day activities all round your business. We believe that Altimat (k) Consultants in association with kigwulu & associates – PF/1044 Composite license holder are the best choice for your organization.